My ‘Star for a Day'

London West End Character Itinerary

Character: Cat, from Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Day time activity: Knitting Workshop - Knitting SOS, Stepney Green 10.00am - 12.00pm

Pre-show activity: Fish Restaurant - Ceviche, Soho 17.00pm

West End Show: Breakfast At Tiffany’s at Theatre Royal Haymarket 19.30pm

Post-show activity: Milk bar - The Love Shake, Shoreditch until the early hours!

There’s nothing this kitty loves more than a ball of yarn. Trouble is, Holly’s not much of a knitter. You find any wool in her cupboards. So, I think I’ll take control of my own pleasure and hot foot it over to Stepney Green for a knitting workshop (I know cats can’t knit - I’m just going for the wool…).

I’ll no doubt be in need of some restoring sustenance after all that woolly abandon. And what better than a load of fresh fish. Not the old chippy for me, though - I’m no ordinary cat after all. I’m Holly Golightly’s cat - it’s sophisticated Peruvian ceviche for these chops. Salmon with passionfruit tiger’s milk and nasturtium leaves, miaow!

And then it’s off to the theatre - to see my own play, naturally. I’m a total narcissist.

I like to unwind at the end of a challenging day-about-town with a nice saucer of milk - who doesn’t? A tot of something warming in it wouldn’t go amiss. You know Holly, that girl likes a drink. She thinks I don’t know that she drops whiskey into my bedtime milk so that I sleep soundly, her raucous and relentless parties a mere fleeting dream. Purrrrrrr.


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